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Performer Magazine Reviews “The Western End”

For a five track EP, Banana Phonetic has managed to roam around the musical map with their first release, The Western End. This Boston based four piece claims to write music for the sake of their love of sound, and the eclecticism of this album proves that proclamation to be true.

This album is perfect for a long drive on a sunny day. The EP starts out with a track fit for the beach, as “It Was A Drag” uses simple chords, drum tracks, and high-pitched vocals for a happy, poppy effect. The album progresses to become more intense and dramatic, as the instrumental work becomes more complicated and the melodies more thought provoking. By the time “Metronome” comes on, the album takes a 180 and suddenly a heavy bass drum introduces piano chords in a minor key. Here the group enters Radiohead territory.

Overall, this album shows a wide range of musicianship from each of the four members. Not one of the songs sounds like the other, and each musician proves his capabilities with the wide range of sounds produced by each instrument. The songs are powerful and filled with an array of emotion. If this album doesn’t send you on a meditative journey, it will definitely take you on a ride through different spectrums of sounds and melodies, and make you wonder where this band is headed next. (Self-released)

-Natalie Gergely, Performer Magazine